A walk about the grounds


This is a brief tour of the grounds of the Penfield Museum. It is by no means exhaustive but rather intended to give you a flavor of the era that the Museum represents.

We begin at the front of the Homestead with its wraparound porch. Another view during autumn is on the Home Page. This was the base of operations and the living space for the Penfield family as they operated their iron business in the 1800's.

Behind and to the left of the Homestead is the carriage barn. Here you will see a collection of the transportation that was used during this period including an unusual, rubber wheeled carriage that traveled to Boston, MA and a horse drawn hearse. Behind the carriage barn are the cow and horse barns (you can just see a piece of them) and the blacksmiths shop. The smoke house is just in front of the Carriage Barn and just out of the photo to the left.


Looking across the street from the porch of the Homestead, you see the church that served for many years as the religious guidance of this community. Inside, you will find an organ that still works with a foot pump and wood heat from a stove. The church is very reminiscent of the Puritan Heritage that is prevalent in this area. Now part of the Penfield Foundation, the Church is used for special events. To the right of the church, you can just see Penfield Pond.

Finally, no tour of the grounds would be complete without a brief stop at the monument on the front lawn. Here is a tribute to Col. Penfield's faithful war horse, Billy. This steed survived many battles of the Civil War and was a favorite of his master. Billy's final resting place is on the grounds in a back pasture, identified with a small marker.

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