Request Genealogic and Historical Information

The Penfield Foundation

703 Creek Rd
Crown Point, NY 12928
(518) 597-3804

The Penfield Homestead Museum offers a genealogical search of all items held on site. We charge a fee of $30.00 for the first 10 pages of material. If additional information is required beyond the first ten pages, there will be an additional fee of 25 cents per page. There is no guarantee on the amount of information available at our research center and fees are nonrefundable. Your patience is appreciated, as the researcher has a number of requests and they all take TIME. We will do our best to provide you with as much information as possible. If you so desire, a researcher will compile and complete your request at an hourly rate of $25.00 if time is of the essence.

Any information you provide us with will be included in the Family Genealogical files for use by future researchers. If you prefer that we do not include your name and address, please indicate this on your Information Request Form.

Please bear in mind that the majority of our records involve people that have lived in the Town of Crown Point, NY and the hamlet of Ironville from the 1800s to present. Our collection also includes extensive materials concerning Addison County, Vermont from 1810 - 1905. We will do our best to complete your request provided the party or parties had ties to our area during this period. All research is done on site with our available information. Certain families have extensive information, others are very minimal.



*ABARE/ABARE                                           *ABBEY/ABBY      ABBOTT      ABEL
ACKERMAN ADAMS                           ADKINS                                   AHL
ALDEN                                     ALDRICH                           ALDRIFF                               ALEXANDER
ALFORD                                  *ALLEN/ABEL-DAVID-WM. H                                    ALPERT
ALPHONSE                             ALTERI                               ALVERSON                          ALVORD
ALVORI                                    AMES                                 AMY                                      ANAUO
ANDERHOLM                        ANDERSON                      ANDRE                                  ANDREWS
ANDRUS                                 ANGUS                             ANSON                                  ARBUCKLE
ARCHER                                   ARGOT                              ARIEL                                     ARMSTEAD
ARMSTRONG                        ARNO                                 ARNOLD                               ARTHUR
ASHBOUGH                           ASHE                                  ASHLINE                            *ASK/ASKE
ATKINS                                    ATHERTON                       ATHEY                                   ATWELL
ATWOOD                                AUDRE                               AUSTIN                                                AVERILL                                      AVERY                                      AYER(S)


BABBETT                                BABCOCK                          BACON                                 BACKUS
BAGLEY                                  BAILEY                               BAIR                                      BAIRD
BAIREE                                    BAKER                                 BALCOMB                           BALDING
BALDWIN                              BALEN                                 BALL                                  *BALLOU/BALUE
BALOW                                   BANNETT                           BARBER                                                BARD
BARKER                                     BARLOW                            BARNABY                BARNARD           
BARNHART                        *BARMES/BARNS             BARNETT                             BARNEY
BARNUM                               BAROODI                           BARRETT                              BARROWS
BARRY                                     BARROR                             BARSE                                   BARTLEME
BARTON                                 BASCOM(B)                      BASCON                               BASSETT
BATCHELDER                         BATES                                                BAUDIN                               BAUER
BAXTER                                         BAYENTON                         BAZEE                               BEACH
BEARDSLEY                         BEARNEY                             BEARSE                                 BEATTY
BEAUDIN                             BEAUDRY                             BECKER                                 BECKWITH
BEEBE                                    BEEDLE                                 BEEMAN                           *BEER/BEERS
BEGNOUCHE                      BEHAN                                  BELDEN                                                BELL
BELLAMY                             BELLEVILLE                          BELLOU                                 BELLOWS
BELMAR                               BELMORE                            BEMIS                                   BENDER
BENEDETTI                          BENIS                 BENEDICT                    *BENESTEIN/BENESTON
BENJAMIN                          BENNETT                             BENOIT                                 BENSON
BENTLEY                               BENWAY                              BERAN                                  BERMAN
BERNETTE                            BERRINS                               BERRY                                   BERT
BERTRAND                          BERUBE                  BESAW                              *BESSETT/BESSETTE
BESSEY                                  BEST                                      BETTS                                    BEVILAQUA
BEVINS                                 BEVRY                                   BIANCO                                BIBBY
BICKFORD                           BIENVUE                              BIETH                                    BIGLOW
BILL                                        BINGHAM                           BIRCH                                    BIRCHARD
BIRNBAUM                         BISHOP                                 BLACK                                   BLACKMAN
BLACKMER                          BLAIR                                    BLAISE                                  BLAKE
BLAKELY                               BLANCHARD                       BLANCHETTE                      BLANEY
BLANTON                            BLINN                                   BLISS                                     BLODGETT
BLOMSTRAN                      BLOOMFIELD                     BLOOD                                  BLOSSOM
BLOWERS                            BLY                                         BOARDMAN                       BOGUE
BOLIA                                    BOND                                    BONIN                                  BOODRYE
BOOKER                               BOOKS                                  BOOMER                             BOOTH
BORA                                *BOARDMAN/BORDMAN                                                 BOURDON
BOUSQUET                         BORDEAU                            BOROFF                               BORST
BOSLEY                                 BOSWART                           BOSTWICK                          BOTHOM
BOUDREU                           BOUGOR                             BOWEN                                 BOWERS
BOYD                                     BOYDEN                               BOYEA                                  BOYLE
BOYNTON                           BRACEY                                BRADFORD                         BRADISH
BRADLEY                              BRADSHAW                        BRAGG                                 BRAIN
BRALEY                                 BRAMBLE                            BRANKMAN                       BRANNOCK
BRASTED                              BRAUN                                 BRAY                                     BRAYLEY
BREAULT                              BREED                                   BREEN                                   BREEYEAR
BRESNAHAM                     BREVOORT                          BREWSTER                          BREZEE
BRIGGS                                 BRIGHT                                 BRIGHTON                          BRINDAMOUR
BRISTOL                               BRITTETT                              BROCK                                  BROCKNEY
BRODER                               BRONSON                           BROOKS                               BROUGHTON
BROWN                                BROWNELL                         BROYLEY                              BRUCE
BRUFFEE                              BRUNELLE                           BRUNO                                 BRUSH
BRYAN                                  BRYANT                            *BRYDAN/BRYDON             BUCK
BUCKLAND                         BUCKMAN                          BUDWICK                            BUELL
BUGBEE                               BUGSBEL                             BULGER                                                BULL
BULLARD                             BULLMAN                           BULLOCK                             BUNION
BUNNELL                             BURBANK                            BURCHARD                         BURDEAU
BURDICK                              BURDITT                              BURDOTT                            BURELL
BURGE                                  BURGESS                             BURGEY                               BURHART
BURKE                                  BURKERT                             BURLEIGH                           BURLINGAME
BURLOW                              BURNETT                             BURNS                                  BURPEE
BURR                                     BURRASS                             BURRIS                                 BURROUGHS    
BURROWS                           BURT                                 *BURNELL/BURWELL          BUSBEE
BUSH                                     BUSHMAN                          BUSHNELL                           BUSHWILL
BUTINSKI                             BUTLER                                 BUTTERFIELD                     BUTTON
BYAM                                    BYINGTON                          BYRON

 CADAR                                 CADY                                     CAFSUU                               CAHILL
CALABRESE                         CALDWELL                           CALKINS                               CALL
CALLAHAN                          CALVIN                                 CAMARDA                          CAMMAN
CAMP                                   CAMPBELL                         CANADA                              CANFIELD
*CANON/CANNON         CAPRON                              CAPROOD                           CAREY
CARLISLE                              CARLSON                             CARPENTER                        CARR
CARROLL                              CARSON                               CARTER                                                CARY
CASE                                      CASEY                                   CASKA                   *CASSEL/CASTLE
CASSINA                              CATLIN                                 CAUL                                     CAWLEY
CENTER                CHAFFEE              CHAILLE                 CHAMBERLAIN                  CHAMPAGNE
CHANDLER                          CHANEY                               CHAPIN                                 CHAPMAN
CHAPPELL                            CHARBONEAU                   CHARLES                              CHARLOTTE
CHASE                                   CHEESEMAN                      CHELLIS                                 CHELSON
CHENESKY                           CHENEY                                 CHESTER                              CHILDS
CHILSON                              CHIPMAN                            CHOBE                                  CHUBB
CHURCH                               CHURCHILL                         CIFRIAN                                CLARE
CLARK(E)                             CLAY                                      CLAYTON                             CLEMENTS
CLEAVELAND                     CLIFTON                               CLINE                                    CLOUGH
CLUTE                                   CLYNE                                   COBB                                     COBEN
COBURN                              COCKRAN                            COFFIN                 *COGAN/COGGIN
COGSWELL                          COHAN                                 COLBURN                            COLBY
COLE                                      COLL                                      COLLIER                                COLLINS
COLMAN                             COLVIN                                 COMINES                            CONANT
COMELY                               CONN                                   CONNALLY                          CONNER
CONNERS                            CONNERY                            CONSIDINE                         CONSTINE
*CONVERSE/NICHOLS   CONWAY                             CONWILL                             *COOK/COOKE
COOLEY                               COOLIGE                              COON                                   COONEY
COONROD                          COOPER                               CORNEILLE                          CORNELL
CORNISH                             CORTLAND                          CORTELYOU                        CORPRON
COSGROVE                         COSSEY                                 COWAN                               COZZY
CRAFORD                            CRAIG                                   CRABILL                                CRABTREE
CRAM                                   CRAMER                              CRANDALL
*CRANE/SEAVER              CRATTY                                 CRAW                                   CRAWFORD
CROCKET                             CROFT                                   CRONKHITE                        CROOKER
CROSS                                   CROSSETT                            COTI(E)                                 COULSON
COURCY                               COURRIER                           COURSEY                             COURSON
COURTRIGHT                     COUSINS                             COVEY                                  COVEL
CROSSMAN                        CROTEAU                            CROUCH                              CROWE
CROWNINGSHIELD          CRUICKSHANK                  CRUMMIE                           CRUZ
CULVER                                                CUMINES                      CUMMINGS     CUNNINGHAM
CURRAN                              *CURREY/CURRY              CURRIER                              CURTIS
CURVO                                 CUSHMAN                          CUSSIE                                  CUTLER
CUTTER                                                CUTTING                             CYSE


DABY                                     DAHA                                    DALLAHAN                          DANDURAND
DANFORD                           DANIELS                               DANIELSON                        DAOUST
DARBY                                  *DARLING/DURLING      DARRAH                               DART
DAVEY                                  DAVID                                   DAVIDSON                          DAVIE
DAVIES                                 DAVIS                                   DAWLEY                               DAY
DAYTON                               DEACON                              DEAL                                      DEALL
DEANE                                  DECHAM                              DECKER                                 DEGEORGE
DEGREFF                              DEGROFF                             DELAIRE                               DELANEE
*DELANO/DILNO             DELIA                     DELONG                        *DELORIA/DESLOURIA
*DELORM/DELORME      DELUCA                                DEMORETT                         DENN
DENOYER                             DENSE                                   DENSMORE                                   DENTON
*DEPOUTEE/DEPOUTIE/DEPOUTY/DEPOUTE      DESIMONE                                          DESJADON
DESOTO                               DEUSER                                DEVIGNAU                                         DEWITT
DEWOLF                               DEWY                                    DEYO                                      DEZALIA
DIBBLE                                  DICKSON                             DICKERSON                  DIDWARE
DIGNAM                              DIKE                                       DIMMICK                            DIONNE
DISPASQUALE                   *DISHNNO/DISHNO       DOBEE                                                  DOBSON
DOLBACK                             DOLPH                                  DONEAL                 DONAH               
DONAHUE                           DONALD                              DONALDSON                      DONALLY
DONALSON                        DONEGAR                      DONELBY                    *DONAHUE/DONOHOE
DONOVAN                          DONSCROE                         DOOLITTLE                               DOOSAL
DORAN                                 DORFMIESTER                   DORSETT                               DORWIN
DOTY                     DOUGAL                              DOUGAN                              *DOUGLAS/DOUGLASS
DOWD                                  DOWNEY                             DOWNING                                          DOWNS
DOYLE                                   *DRAGAN/DRAGON      DRAKE                                                  DREIMILLER
DREPER                                                DREW                                    DRINKWINE                                        *DUANE/DOYNE
DUCKETT                             DUDLEY                                                DUESENBURY                                    DUGAN
*DUGLAS/DUGLASS       DULLAHAN                         DUMAR                                                                DUMONT
DUNBAR                              DUNKLEE                             *DUNLAP/DUNLOP                        DUNN
DUNTLEY                             DUNTON                             DUPAUL                                               DUPREY
DUPUIS                                                DUQUETTE                          DURAND                                              DUREAN             
DURKEE                                DUROCHER                         DUROSE                                               DUROSO
DUROSS                               DURRAND                           *DUSHANE/DESHANE/DUCHENE/DUSHAN
DUTTON                              DUVAL                                  DWINELL

EAGER                                  EASTMAN                           EATON                                                  EBERSBACH
EDGER                                  EDGERLY                              EDGERTON                                         EDMINSTON
EDMONDS                          EDWARDS                           EDSON                                                  EGAN
EGGLESTON                       EICHEN                                 ELDRIDGE                                            ELTHORPE
ELITHORP                            ELLENWOOD                      ELLERY                                                  ELLIOT
ELLIOTT                                                ELLIS                                      ELLSWORTH                                        ESELBY
ESPERSEN                            ESTEE                                    ESTES                                                    ESTEY
EUBAR                                  EVANS                                  EVEREST                                               EVERETT

FACHETTE                            FACKREL                              FAIRCHILD                                           FAIRWELL
FANNING                            FARFIELD                             FARMER                                               FARNHAM
FARNSWORTH                   FARR                                     FARRAR                                                                FARRELL
FARRINGTON                    FARRIS                                  FARWELL                                             FAY
FEARING                              FEE                                         FEELY                                                     FENNER
FENTON                               FERELOW                             FERGUSON                                         FERRILL
FERNETTE                            FERRIS                                  FETLOCK                                              FIELDS
FIELDER                                                FILLIOE                                 FILLMORE                                            FINNEY
FIRLIK                                    FISH                                       FISHER                                                  *FISK/FISKE
FITCH                                    FITCH                                    FITZGERALD                                       FLACK
FLAGG                                  *FLANAGAN/FLANIGAN              *FLEMING/FLEMMING                 FLEURY
FLINT                                     FLOWER                               FLOYD                                                   FLYNN
FOBES                                   FOLGER                                                *FOLSOM/FOLSUM                        FOOTE
FORGETTE                           FORTIER                               FORTIN                                                 FOSTER
FOUNTAIN                          FOWLE                                  FOWLER                                               FOX
FOY                                        FRANCES                             FRANEY                                                                FRANKLIN
FRAZIER                               FREDRICHSON                   FREELAND                                           FREEMAN
FRENCH                                FRENETTE                            FROST                                                   FULLER

GABRIEL                               GAGE                                    GALE                                                     GALLAGHER
GALLANT                             GALPEN                               GALVIN                                                                GARDINER
GARFIELD                            GARVEY                               GARY                                                     GAVIN
GAY                                       GAYNOR                              GEAKE                                                  GEBO
GENIER                                 GENINNARTH                    GEORI                                                   GERO
GIALL                                    GIBBONS                             GIBBS                                                    GIBSON
GIDDINGS                           GILBERT                               GILBO                                                   GILLEO
GILLESPIE                            *GILLETT/GILLETTE          GILLIGAN                                            GILLISON
GIPSON                                                GLASSER                              GLEASON                                            GLEBUS
GLIDDEN                              GLIES                                     GLITTON                                              GLOAD
GLYNN                                  GODSEY                               GOKEY                                                  GOLDSMITH
GOLOD                                 *GONIA/GONIO                              *GONNA/GONRA                           *GONYEA/GONYEAU
GONYO                                                GOODMAN                        GOODNOW                                        GOODRICH
GOODROW                         GOODSPEED                      GOOGIE                                               GOOL
GOOLET                               GOOSHAW                         GOOT                                                    GORHAM
GOSSING                             GOULD                                 GOULETTE                                           GOURLEY
GOWEN                               *GOYETTE/GOYETT/GUYETTE                                                     GRACY
GRAHAM                             GRAMAN                            GRANBY                                               GRANFORS
GRANGER                           GRANT                                 GRASLIN                                              GRAVES
GRAY                                     GREEN                                  GREENE                                                GREENOUGH
GREENWOOD                    GREER                                   GREGG                                                 GREGORY
GREHAWICK                       GRENNEUR                         GREY                                                     GRIFFEN
GRIGGS                                                GRIMES                                                GRINELLE             *GRISWALD/GRISWOLD/GRISWOL
GROFF                                  GROOM                               GROOVENOR                                     GROSHANS
GROSRENER                       GUILE                                    GUNNING                                           GUNNISON


HACK                                     HACUNDA                           HADAWAY                           HADGMAX
HADLEY                                HAEFE                   HAGAR                                                 HAGIN
HAILE                                    HALDENBY                          *HALE/HAILE/HALL/HALEY/HEALY
HALLENBECK                      HALLESTAN                         HALLOCK                                HALLOREN
HALPIN                                 HAMILTON                         HAMMELL                           HAMMOND
*HAMNER/HANMER      HAMMIT                              HAMS                                   HANCHETT
HANCOCK                           HAND                                    HANDY                                 HANIFER
*HANNA/HANNH            HANRON                             HANSBROUGH                                  HANSELL
HANSON                              HARDEN                               HARDY                                                  HARE
HARKNESS                          HARLAND                            HARNDEN                            HARNDON
HARPER                                HARPP                                  HARRELL                              HARRIMAN
HARRINGTON                    HARRIS                                 HART                                     HARTWELL
HARVEY                                HARWOOD                         HASCALL                               HASKINS
HASTINGS                           HATCH                                  HATHON                               HAVENS
HAWLEY                               HAWKINS                            HAWKINSON                     HAXEN
HAY                                        *HAYES/HAYS                    HAYFORD                            HAYNES
*HAYWARD/HEYWARD/HEYWORD                          HAYWOOD                                          HAZEN
HAZZARD                             HEALEY                                 HEATH                                  HATON
HEBERT                                 HEDDING                             HEGGETT                              HEILSICK
HEITH                                    HELMS                                  HEMMETT                           HENDEE
HENDERSON                      HENDRIX                              HENECKE                              HENNESSEY
HENRY                                  HEPBURN                            HEPPEAN                              HEPPLARE
HERMINIE                           HERNE                                  HERNDON                                           HERO
HERRICK                               HERRIMAN                         HERVEY                                 HEWITT
HICKEY                                  HICKOCK                              HICKOX                                  HICKS
HIGGINS                              HILDRETH                            HILL                         HILLMAN
HIMS                                     HINDS                                   HINICK                                  HINKLEY
HIPPEAU                              HITCH                                    HITT                                       HOBBS
HOCKING                            HODGMAN                         HODSKINS                           HOFNAGLE
HOGAN                                HOGLE                  HOLBROOK                         *HOLCOMB/HOLCOME
HOLDEN                               HOLEBUT                             HOLGET                 & HOLLAND
HOLLBROOK                       HOLLERAN                          HOLLEY                  HOLMAN
HOLMES                               HOLT                                     HOLTMAN                            HONSINGER
HOOD                                   HOPKINS                             HORACE                 HORNER
HORTON                              HOSCALL                              HOUGHTON                       HOWARD
HOWE                                   HOYT                                     HOZLEY                  HUBBARD
HUBNER                               HUDON                                HUDSON                              HUESTIS
HUGHES                HULBERT                              HUMPHREVILLE                                HUNSDON
HUNTER                               *HURBUT/HURBURT      HURLEY                                 HUTCHINS
HUTCHINSON                    HYATT                                   HYDE    

IDA                                         IDE                                         INGALES                               INGALLS
INGLESTON                        INGOLS                 *INGOLSBY/INGOLSBE                  INGRAHAM
INMAN                                 ISABEL                                  IVES

JABEAU                                JACKMAN                           JACKSON                              JACOBS
JAKEWAY                             JAMES                                  JELEFF                                   JENKINS
JENKS                                    JENNER                                JEWETT                                  JOHNS
JOHNSON                            JOHNSTON                         JOINER                                                 JONES
JORDAN                               JOYCE



KAILER                                  KAINTS                                 KALANSACK                       KAMYON
KANE                                     KARKER                                KAUFMAN                          KEAN
KEAST                                   KEEBLER                               KEECH                                    KEEFE
KEELEY                                  KEENAN                               KEITH                                    KELACHAUA
KELEMAN                            KELLEY                                  KELLOGG                                KELLY
KELSEY                                  KEMP                                    KENDRETENE                      KENNEDY
KENT                                     KENYON                               KERBY                                   KERNS
KEYES                                    KIDDER                                 KIEFE                                     KILBOURN
KILL                                        KILMER                                 KILPALRICK                         KIMBALL
KIMBARK                             KIMPTON                            KING                                      KINGDOLLAR
KINGSBURY                        KINGSLAND                        KINGLEY                               KINNEY
KJELLIN                                 KLANDER                             KLOOS                                  KNAPP
KNIEPER                               KNIGHT                                KNOWLTON                       KRAETKE
KOCH                                    KOKTOWSKI      


LABARGE LABELLE                                LABIER                                                  LABOUNTY
LACEY                                    LACOE                                   LACONTE                               LAFAVE
LAFOUNTAIN                     LAFOY                                   LAFRANCE                           & LAGOY
LAGRANGE                         LAIMAN                               LAINE                                                    LAING
LAMARQUE                        LAMB                                    LAMBERT                              LAMERTON
LAMOS                                 LAMOUNTAIN                   LAMOUR                               LAMSON
LANDRY                                LANE                                     LANG                                    LANSON
LANT                                     LAPHAM                              LAPIER                                   LAPLANTE
LAPOINTE                            LAPORTE                              LAPOUGH                                           LAROE
LARRABEE                           LARROW                              LASARUS                                             LASH
LASKY                    LATOUR                               LATTERELL                           LAUNDERVILLE
*LAVALLEE/LAVALLIE     *LAVERY/LAVERTY          LAVANWAY                                        LAVIN
LAWRENCE                         LAWSON                              LAWTON                              LEACH
L’ECHO                                 LEE                         LEGARE                                 LELAND
LEMLEY                                 LEMMON                            LEMON                  LENARD
LEONARD                            LETSON                 LEWIS                                    LINDBERG
LENDLEY                               LINDON                                LINLEY                                    LINQUIST
LINSEY                                  LINSTEADT                          LITCHFIELD                          LITSON
LITTLE                                    LITTLEFIELD                         LIVELY                    LIVINGSTON
LLOYD                                   *LOCK/LOCKE                    LOCKWOOD                        LODGE
LOGAN                                 LOOMIS                               LONERGAN                                         LONG
LONGACRE                         LORD                                     LOUGH                                 LOVELAND
LOWELL                                LOWY                                    LUCHA                                  LUCIER
LUCINS                                 LUSHIER               LYFORD                                                LYMAN
LYNN                                     LYON


MACAUSLAND                  MACE                                    MACEY                                  MACKAY
MACURE                              MADERSON                        MAFFEY                                               MAGEE
MAGUIRE                            MAHAN                               *MAHAR/MAHER             MALANEY
MALE                                    MALLON                              MALONE                              MANNING
MANOR                               MANSFIELD                        MAPLE                   MARANVILLE
MARCOON                         MARCOTTE                         MARNELL                            MARSANT
MARSHA                              MARSHALL                          MARTIN                 MARTINDALE
MARSH                                 MASH                   MASON                                 MATHER
MATIKA                MATTISON                          MAXFIELD                                           *MAY/MAYE
MAYNARD                          MAYO    MAZUROWSKI                                  MAZUZAN
MCCABE                              MCCAN                                 MCCANNAN                      MCCANNIE
MCCARTHY                         MCCARTY                            MCCAUGHIN                     MCCAUGHLIN
MCCAW                               MCLANN                      ; MCCLELLAN                        MCCLENATHAN
MCCORMICK                     MCCOY                                 MCDERMOTT                     MCDONALD
MCDOUGALL                     MCDOWELL                        MCELROY                               MCFARLAND
MCGARY                              MCGIBBON         *MCGINNESS/MCGUINESS         MCGOVERN
*MCGOWAN/MCGOWN                              MCGRAW                                            MCGREW
MCGUIRE                            MCILHATTON                    MCINNISS                           MCINTYRE
*MCKENZIE/MCKENSIE MCKIERNAN                      MCLAUGHLIN                     MCLAREN
MCLEAN                              MCLYMAN                          MCMANUS                         MCMARTIN
MCMURTRY                       MCNAMARA                      MCNAULTY                   *MCNEAL/MCNEIL
MCNULTY                            MCNUTT                              MCQUILLAN                       MCVINE
MCWITHEY                         MEACHEM                          MEAD                                   MEADDER
MEAGER                              MEAGHER                           MEANS                              MEARKE
MEECH                                 MEEHAN                              MEIGS                                   MEISSNER
MENCHACA                        MENETTE                             MERCIER                               MERCURE
MERLE                                  MERRETT                             MERRIAM                           MERRILES
MERRITT                              METCALF                             MIDDLEDON                      MIDDLETON
MIKNAITIS                          MILDON                               MILES                                     MILLAID
MILLIE                                   MILLER                                 MILLES                                   MILTON
MINEHAM                          MINER                                  MISHLER                              MITCHELL
MIX                                        MOFFIT                               MOLTE                                  MONTCRIEF
MONKOFSKY                     MONROE                             *MONTA/MONTE           MONTGOMERY
MONTY                                MOON                   MOONEY                                             MOORE
MORAS                               MORE                                   MOREAU                              MORGAN
MORHOUSE                       MORICE                               MORIN                                 MORRISON
MORSE                                 MORTON                             MOSES                                                 MOSS
MOTT                    MUELLER                             MULAN                                 MULLEN
MULLER                               MULLINGAN                      *MULLIN/MULLEN                          MULLISS
MUMFORD                         MUNGER                             MUNROE                MURDOCK
MURPHY                              MURRAY                              MUSON                                MYERS
MYOTT                                 MYRICK                                                MYSTICA


NADEAU                              NANCE                                 NAPIER                                 NATALEE
NEAL                                     NEDEAU                               NEDDO                                                 NELS
NELSON                               NERFEY                                 NEROMAN                           NEWBERRY
NEWELL                                NEWBIRD                            NEWHALL                            NEWMAN
NEWTON                             NICHOLS                              NICKERSON                                        NIGHT
NIMS                                     NISOFF                                 NOEL                                     NOLAN
NORATHY                            NORTH                                 NORTHEY                              NORTON
NOYES                                  NUSHLER                             NUTT


*OAK/OAKS/OAKES       OAKLEY                                OARR                                                    OBER
*O’BRIAN/O’BRIEN         O’CONNOR                         0DELL                                                    ODLE
O’HALLENBAKER              O’HARA                                O’KEEFE                               OLCOTT
OLDEN                                  OLDS                                     OLIVER                                 OLMSTEAD
OLYPHANT                          OLSEN                                   O’MARA                              O’MORE
ONEIL                                    ORCUTT                               O’RIELLY                               ORMSBEE
OSGOOD                             OSWALD   


PACKARD                            *PAGE/PAIGE                   PAINE                                                   PALMER
PANGBURN                        PAQUETTE                          PARKER                                 PASSINO
PATNEAU                            PATNO                                 PATNODE                             PEARSON
PEASE                                   PEASLEY                               PECK                                      PELLERIN
PENDELL                              PENDELTON                       PENFIELD                              PENNIMAN
PEPIN                                    PERCY                   PEREAU                                 PERKINS
PERRY                                   PETERS                                 PETTIT                                   PETTY
PHANEUF                            PHELPS                                 PHENNING                         PHILLIPS
PHILLYSS                              PHILIPS                                 PHINNEY                              PHIPEN
PHIPPIN                               PICKET                                  PILCHER                                PIERCE
PIERSON                              PIGEON                                PIKE                                       PILON
PINCHIN                              PINDAR                                PITT                                       PLATNER
PLATT                                    PLESHETTE                          PLISCOFSKY                        PLOOF
PODMORE                          POND                                    PONSOT                                               POOLE
*POSSOM/POSSUM       POST                                     POSTENS                                             PORTER
POTTER                                POTTS                   *POWEL/POWELL                            POWERS
*PREBLE/PREBBLE           PRESCOTT                           PRESSEY                                PRESTON
*PRIBBLE                             PRINDLE                               PROCTOR                            PROIETTI
PROUTY                               PROVONCHA                     PROVONICK
*PULCIPHER/PULCYPHER                                             PULSIFER                              PUTERINEAU
PUTNAM                             PUTNEY                                                PYRKE  

*QUARTERMASS/QUARTERMUS                              QUINN                                  QUIRK

RABIDEAU                           RABITOY                              RAFFERTY                           RAINES
RAMSEY                               RAND                                    RANDALL                             RANEY
RANSON                              RAWLEY                               RAY                         RAYBURN
RAYMOND                          REDFIELD                             REDFORD              REDMAN
REED                                      RENFREY                              RENNE                   REYNOLDS
RHOADES                            RICE                                       RICH                       RICHARDS
RICHARDSON                     RICHERS                               RICHES                   RICHMAN
RICHMOND                        RIDER                                    RIEDLINGER                         RIESENHUBER
RIGGS                                   *RILEY/RIELLY/RIEL/RYLE                               RINALDI
RINGER                                RISING                  RISK                                                       RIST
RIVARD                               ROBB                                     ROBBINS                               ROBERTS
ROBINSON                          ROBISON                             RODERICK                          RODGERS
RODICK                  ROGERS                               ROLLINS                               ROSCORLA
ROOT                                    ROSE                                     ROSS                      ROUNDS
ROWE                                   *ROWLEE/ROWLEY/ROWLY                           ROWE
ROYCE                                   RUMSEY                RUNNELS                             RUSSELL              
RUTHERFORD                    RUTKOWSKI                       RYAN                       RYDER


SAGE                                     SALTERS                               SAMSON                             SANBORN
SANBURN                           SANDERS                             SANFORD              SANGER
SARGEANT                          SARGENT                             SARTWELL                          SAUNDERS
SAUSVILLE                          SAVAGE               SAVARD                               SAVILLE               
SAWCZYN                            SAWYER                               SAYERS                                  SAYWARD
SAXTON               SCAGIL                 SCHAEFER                           SCHENK                                              
SCHERMERHORN             SCHUCK                               SCHUMM                            SCOFIELD
SCOZZAFAVA                     SCRIPTURE                          SEAGEL                  SEAMAN
SEARLES                               SEARS                    *SEAVER/SEVER                               SELLINGHAM
SEMANDS                           SEMMONS                          SENECAL               SETSON
SEVERANCE                        SHARP                                  SHATTON                            SHATTUCK
SHAUGHNESSY                 SHAW                                   SHEA                                     SHEARER
SHEEHY                                 SHEFFER                               SHELDON                              SHELLIS
*SHEPARD/SHEPHERD/SHEPPERD                            SHERFELT                              SHERMAN
SHEYER                                 SHIRWOOD                         SHUTTS                                 SILLINGHAM
SIMONS                               *SIMMONS/SIMONDS  SIMPSON                                            SINCLARE
SISSON                                 SISTER                                   SKEELS                                   SKIFF
SKINNER                              SLACK                                   SLAETER                               SLATER
SLEICHER                             SLIGHT                                  SMITH                                   SNELL
SNOW                                   SNYDER                   SOLLACE                                              SOPER
SOPPA                                  SPARRAHS                          SPAULDING                         *SPEAR/SPIERS
SPENCER                              SPEYER                                 SPICER                                  &SPINEN
SPRAGUE                            SPRING                  ST.CLARE                                            ST. DENIS
ST. JOHN                              ST. PIERRE                           *STACY/STACE                 STAFFORD
STAGE                                   STANILKA                            STANLEY                              STANTON
STARK                                   STARKS                  STARKWEATHER                               STARLING
STAUNCHES                       STEARNS                              STEBMAN                            STEEL
STENBRICKER                     STERLING                            STERN                                   STEUBEN
STEVENS                              STEVENSON                       STEWARD                             STEWART
STILES                                   STILLWELL                           STIMPSON                           STINES
STODDARD                         STONE                                  STORY                                    STOWELL
STRATTON                          STRAWE                               STREETER                              STRINGHAM
STRONG                               STRUTZ                                 STURTEFANT                       STYLES
SUDDARD                            SULLIVAN                            SUMNER                SUNDERLAND
SWEET                                  SWEETLAND                       SWINTON                             SWYNER

TABOR                                  TAFT                                      TALBOT                                  TANGUAY
TART                                      TATE                                      TAY                          TAYLOR               
TEBO                                     TEFOE                                   TEFULA                                  TENNYASS
TEPEDINO                           TERRY                                    THATCHER                            THAYER
THIBAULT                            THOMAS                              THOMPSON                        THOMSON
THORTON                            THRASHER                           TIBBETS                                  TILLOTSON
TITUS                                    TOBIAS                                 TODD                                     TODRIFF
TOLLIS                                   TOMLIINSON                     TOMPKINS                           TOOHEYS
TORONE                               TOSH                                     TOWER *TOWN/TOWNE/TOWNS/TOWNES                         TOWNER
*TOWNSEND/SOWNSON/TOWNSEND                  TOWSLEY                                             TOZER
TRACY                                   TRAIN                    *TRAINER/TRAINOR                       TRAMMELL
TRASK                                   TRAVER                                TREADWAY                          TREDEAU
TREDO                                  TREMBLEY                           TREVILLIAN                        TRIMBLE
TRIPP                                    *TROMBLEE/TROMBLEY                                *TRUMBALL/TRUMBLE
TUBBS                                   TUCKER                                 TUERCK                                  TURNER
TUTHILL                                TWA                                      TWILIGER                             TYRELL

UBAR                                    UNDERHILL                         URNBACK

VALIQUETTE                       VANATTA                            VANCOVER                          VANMARL
VANNIER                    VAN SERVIEVE                  VAN TYCE                            ; VANVALKENBURG
VARMETTE                          VARNEY                               VAUGHAN                           VENNER
VIALL                                     VICKERS                               VILLMORE                            VIRGIL
VORSE                                  *VOTRAW/VOLTROW

WAGNER                             WAITER               WALDRON                                          WALKER
WALLACE                             WALLINE                              WALRATH                             WALSH
WALTERS                             WARD                                   WARMETTE                       WARREN
WARNER                              WART                                    WASHBURN                        WASSON
WATERMAN                       WATERS                               WATKINS                              WATSON
WAYMAN                            WEATHERHOUSE              WEATHERWAX                                  WEBB
WEBSTER                             WEED                                    WEIDEMIER                        WELCH
WELDER                               WELLS                                   WEMETTE                               WENDELL
WESCOTT                            WEST                                     WESTERN                                WETMORE
WHEALY                               WHEELER                             WHITCOMB                                        WHITE
WHITEHEAD                       WHITELEY                            WHITFIELD                              WHITFORD
WHITHAN                            WHITING                             WHITLOCK                          WHITMAN
WHITMORE                        WHITNEY                             WHITTEMORE                                    WHITTY
WICKER                                                WICKWIRE                          WILBUR                 WILCOX
WILDER                                WILKINS                               WILKINSON                         WILLARD
WILLIAMS                           WILLIS                                   WILSON                 WINANS
WINCH                                 WINCHELL                           WINN                                WINSLOW
WINTERS                             WISELL                                  WITHAN                                WITHERBEE
WITHERIL                             WOJCIK                  WOLCOTT                                            WOOD
WOODARD                         WOODBURY                       WOODRUFF                                       WOODS
WOODWORTH                  WOOSTER                           WORCESTER                        WORSTER
WORDEN                             WRIGHT                               WYMAN


YATTEAU                             YAW                                      YELL                                        YOUNG

ZELINSKY                             ZIMMERMAN

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